Dynamo: from Gagra to Ruit

1970-ies. Head coach of “Dynamo” Valery LOBANOVSKY. Photo from archive “SE”

For the vast majority of Ukrainian clubs winter – period training camps. In the last decades they spend them abroad – and there the climate is warmer and the choice of sparring partners is wide.

But first of not all our team could afford annual fees outside the USSR. And “Dynamo” long before the German Ruit was preparing for the season on the black sea coast of the Caucasus. As it was different from the current fees?

“SE” has asked representatives of different generations of Dynamo – Jozsef Szabo, Vladimir Muntyan, Oleg Blokhin and Zavarov Alexander.


– In my time as a player of “Dynamo” went on collecting to the center, tells Shine in the Kiev team in the 60-ies of the century minuvshego clogs. – We were placed in the sanatorium “Ukraine” and to train traveled in Leselidze. Field in Gagra provided only for test matches

As winter on the black sea coast it rained constantly, we had to knead the dirt on rascisim dry lawn. And to get in Leselidze, the little bus had to overcome the way on a mountain road as a direct road did not yet exist.

– As I reached the place, my head could spin more than once?

– Head – it’s okay! There was a risk of catching cold. Practice in the mud under the rain, we boarded the bus and wet driving back. While he reached the sanatorium, grew numb to the fingertips.

– Hot water in the resort was?

– Always! The terms “Ukraine” was good. However, we lived in rooms of four. Returning from training, uniform washed in the shower, and dried, hanging in a sanatorium located below the boiler room. For morning training it is completely dry.

– What was your biggest challenge in training camp?

None of those things. The proposed load of the guys were fine with me. The hardest part was the cross. We went to the beach and ran ten miles in the sand along the sea. Or along the paths of Gagra Park.

– How you whiled away your free time?

– At the sanatorium every evening, they played the movie, no more fun was not. Well, could still walk on the paths of the resort or read a book. So we had then rest.

– The newspaper kiosk to buy?

– I do not remember. The resort was located far from the center of Gagra, and to get there, needed to go down hill. We spent there fees every winter. Vacationers in the sanatorium we already knew, we talked to them.

And grafik Dynamo was a busy one: on the morning of mandatory charging by the sea, then Breakfast, the theory, the first training. Come back, wash – and go to lunch. Then dogcatemy vacation, then again the theory and the bus trip to Leselidze on the second workout. A movie night and go to bed.

– A long time from home left?

– Sometimes, for a month.

– Heard that because of the long winter training camp in the families of Dynamo there was a schism, almost led to divorce…

– I was a young boy, and to me these topics are not interested. Perhaps, it is I do not know.

With the friendlies on the black sea coast was not a problem?

– Happened and complexity. We played so many teams in the area was not particularly. Mainly found in friendly matches with Dinamo Tbilisi to their base in Leselidze with the first composition, the second.

Volodymyr MUNTIAN: “IN the WINTER training CAMP churned MUD»

– First we collect in Gagra, and then stationed was the other resort on the black sea coast of the Caucasus. – says who the people of Kiev from the mid sixties to the late seventies Muntean. – There, too, lived in a sanitarium, trained in Leselidze, which of tsandrypsh to go a little closer than from the center.

– The conditions were on the level?

– Normal in January, they could not be determined. Anything happened – and the snow and rain. The mud was a lot. Kneaded it in test matches.

– Who did you play most often?

– Teams that also went on the black sea coast on the charges. Our coaches have found opponents in advance, agreeing on the holding of sparring on a specific date.

– As tolerated load in the winter training camp?

– (Smiles.) For me no problems in the preseason was not. In fact, for there are fees that the season was easier.

– Probably, the first time more difficult to cope with stress was for beginners?

– I would not say. Rather, young people who just joined the team. For the rest of preseason work was commonplace. Charges were not time – and knew what and how.

From holiday with excess weight, the players often returned?

– Happen, of course. Had to drop. The time it took, depended on the individual characteristics of the organism.

– What you personally prefer cross or a test match on rascisim field?

The game, of course, was easier. It all depended on what task you are performing.

– Increased attention from the football fans in training camp manifested?

The fans were constantly around. In the sanatorium there were many tourists, and they knew that at the same time, there is the Kiev “Dynamo”. We often took autographs, were photographed. But I don’t look and we almost did not interfere.

– Many players of different generations remember as a desire to vary the time at training camp they pulled on exploits. Sport mode had to break?

– This question I will not answer. (Laughs.) Let him answer one who is this mode broken.


– Training camp in my day was not in the UAE, Spain and Turkey, – not without irony recalls the legendary striker, winner of the “Golden ball”-1975 playing in “Dynamo” from 1969 to 1988. – Went to Gagra and Leselidze. Much later began to hold preseason training in German Route.

– What is remembered then the winter training camp?

– Cold, wind and mud. Kneaded it in friendlies and in training. Recovery at that time was, frankly, not very.

– Certainly, and domestic comfort fees in Gagra was no different. Sabo remembers how he had to personally wash the form and dry it in the boiler room of the sanatorium. Do you know it?

– We had the same thing. And what could I do?

– At the training camp not only laid the Foundation of physical condition and polished technique, but also plays there part, the modeled schema. Who acted as sparring partners?

Different ways were rivals Dynamo Tbilisi, Kutaisi “torpedo”. And many other teams who performed duties on the coast, often played. With “Ararat”, Dnipro, Shakhtar, Metalist, Zoria, Zenit, SKA Rostov, the Moscow “Locomotive”, “torpedo”, “Dinamo”, CSKA…

– In an age of technological progress, when thanks to the Internet it is possible to contact with family and friends at any time, the players do not experience problems with communication. And how was your day?

– Called the house of long-distance phone, which was in a sanatorium. Throw a 15-copeck coin and can converse for a minute. As for the current generation of players, they are now at 20 days at the training camp did not sit. In the worst case the teams are two camps for 12-14 days, and then only intermittently.

– What were you doing at the training camp in his free time?

– Sat in the rooms. Read books, recovering from hard work. A day for three workouts, so the body was not easy.

– Three day training at Valeriy Lobanovsky?

– Not only. And when Viktor Maslov happened three classes.

– When Dynamo began to travel regularly in Ruyt?

– If I am not mistaken, since 1985. Ruyt was nothing in comparison with the same Gagra or tsandrypsh. Everything was different – hotels, food, living conditions and quality of recovery. Although sometimes I had to play in the snow. And yet – played in the hall, participating in different international tournaments.

Form myself have not had to wash?

– Not exactly remember, but it seems to be passed it in the wash. The Germans in household matters, of course, everything was prepared. But do not forget that for all it was required to pay. In a freely convertible currency.

– Speaking of currency. As her baggage?

– This was not a problem: if we collected a certain amount, you can officially take it. Besides, if the “Dynamo” won some tournament, we were supposed to award in German marks. Them directly in Germany and issued. However, the amounts were small. At present even a penny. (Smiles.)

– Carried from Germany – equipment, fashionable clothes or perfumes?

– Everyone bought what they wanted. But now all that I remember with a smile.


– Fees in Route remembered as one of the stages of preparation for the championship – says fairuse Dynamo in the 80-ies Alexander Zavarov. – The first time we went there in 1985. Prepared and won the championship and the USSR Cup. Then travel to Ruyt become traditional. Considering that in January in the German football break, during the gathering, we participated in the tournament, became their winners. They passed in the halls, and we played on the grounds of a five-or six-six.

In Germany we had everything – the tournaments, friendly matches. Were they on a tight schedule, as we came to the sports complex and played almost the whole day. Then followed another tournament, there were also exhibition games on the big field. Personally, I received huge pleasure. Is not the same as in Leselidze and Gantiadi, where day-to-day had the mud puddle on rascisim fields. It was impossible!

– Work schedule at the “Dinamo” during the Lobanovsky was rich?

– Certainly! However, it is somewhat different from previous years when I had to work on the black sea coast of the Caucasus. Conditions were good, but when it snowed, the schedule has been adjusted – the classes were moved into the hall.

We were able to conduct inter-squad cabal that brought moral satisfaction and given effect in physical training. Then, by analyzing held in Germany, the work and the victories in the domestic arena and in the Cup winners ‘ Cup was seen as a natural result.

– What exercises were the most unloved?

– I didn’t like “riders” (when one player wore on the back of the other. – Primas’. V. K.). I don’t know why.

– How did you spend your free time?

– And we did it a lot was not. The next day after the tournament was conducted training, and after lunch the team took a couple of hours in the nearby Ruit large city – Stuttgart. The evening could watch TV, play cards.

– What do you personally preferred?

– Maps.

And wasn’t it interesting to watch TV?

– Why – interesting. In the lobby, which was stationed Dynamo on TV is usually watched the sports channels. There was a language problem. Watching winter sports – bobsleigh and cross-country skiing, because of ignorance of German could not understand what the commentators say. Well, that at least at the scoreboard to determine who wins and who loses.

At that time in the USSR there was a shortage of various goods. In Germany, forays into the shops have made?

– Naturally. For this purpose we were given a few hours. Germany at that time was really popular in this part of the country. As for quality and prices.

– Back to the bus with armfuls of packages?

– Oh, come on – what are the armfuls! For the money no bundles were not. There was a pack with the necessities purchased for the child, wife and yourself.

– Curiosities at the training camp been?

– Offhand it’s hard to remember. But if you try… I really enjoyed taking the test matches in the German village. A lot of positive emotions gave winter the entourage of sparring. Imagine the scene: a bright sun, two degrees of frost, compacted snow, beautiful landscapes of countryside and gathered around the football field many local residents.

Next to fried kebabs, barbecue, sausages, beer flows like water. When during the game tenderly look at it with one eye, I think: here after all, know how to relax people! All cultural, beautiful. It was nice to be in such a situation. After the game we received from the Germans different gifts and Souvenirs, we boarded the bus and went to Ruyt…

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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