Dni’s office is putting United States: the discontent of the population of Ukraine could lead to early elections

KIEV. 14 Feb. UNN. Director of National intelligence Dan Coates spoke about the factors that pose a threat to the socio-economic condition of Ukraine and may lead to changes in foreign policy. He said this in his report “assessment of the global threats the intelligence services of the United States” presented at the hearings in the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate, reports UNN citing “Voice of America”.

“Public discontent with the pace of reforms, the deterioration of living standards, the idea that corruption is enhanced, and the aggravation of political confrontation ahead of the presidential and legislative elections in 2019 could lead to early elections”, — stated in the message.

Dan Coates also said that the Russian Federation will continue its military, political and economic campaign to destabilize Ukraine in order to suppress and, where possible, expand efforts of Kiev, aimed at integration into the EU and strengthening ties with NATO.

“Kiev will continue to resist any concessions demanded by Moscow, but almost certainly will not recover in 2018 monitoring plots in Eastern Ukraine, now controlled by Russia,” added Coates.

At the same meeting, Coates said that next year Russia will carry out more powerful attacks and will obviously use them against Ukraine. Also in the United States predict that the Russian security services will continue to test the strength of not only the infrastructure of the United States and the allied countries, and to strengthen misunderstanding between the United States, NATO and other partners.

Add, regular elections of the President of Ukraine to be held on 31 March 2019.

We will remind, the President signed the submission on the appointment of new CEC members.

As reported UNN, the PA announced the names of candidates to the CEC.

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