Copies of “Golden records” Voyager is now available for purchase

Forty years ago NASA successfully launched two of the most famous in the history of the spacecraft – Voyager 1 and Voyageur-2. As their flight was directed into deep space, to other worlds, on Board each was placed a special media. A plate of gold with the legendary audio recordings — and now everyone has the opportunity to purchase their official copies.

“Golden Record” or “Golden record” – a kind of icon of the time. A vast Commission of scientists and art historians under the guidance of the famous popularizer of science Carl Sagan made a list of ringtones, sounds and video coded images. They must help the aliens to get the most complete picture of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Now label Ozma Records launches the sale of the souvenir edition of the “Golden plates Voyager”. It costs three gramplastinki with copies of those records format LP – long playing. For each provided authentic case included are paper materials describing the mission, parts of the message and historical images of Voyager.

The cost of a set of plates is $98, pre-order today, but to buyers it will arrive no earlier than January 2018.

Source — Ozma

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