Conceptual bridge Krasojevic looks like an animated colossal dragonfly-transformer

District in the Ordos region of Inner Mongolia, Western part of China. The local authorities decided that they want not just a bridge over the river Oulunsalo, landmark, manmade, which has commissioned British architect Margot Krasojevic appropriate project. And what is looming, like a bridge. Rather, it is the greetings from the future.

Krasojevic rarely do these projects that the construction industry can implement without problems. On the contrary, sometimes you have to wait until technology advanced far enough that it was possible to try to translate the idea into metal or concrete. But the rational, practical grain in the works Krasojevic is always there – just the idea is too bold for its time.

The bridge to Ordos is designed as a building-transformer on a floating platform that is towed as needed or by installing their own engine. The bridge is not stable form – three of the sliding span of taking the configuration that will link the two banks in the specific area of the river. Over the span stretches folding wings giant size – they are the basis for an array of solar panels.

It is likely that no matter how outlandish the project, the bridge will still be built – even in the next decade. Therefore, the project is replete with details at least changeable type of bridge you can imagine in all its glory. The costs of time and money to build such a miracle of engineering and architecture, the author does not apply. However, there is evidence that it implemented a new principle of self – sufficiency- the bridge will be expensive to build, but almost free to operate, at the expense of own power generation for all systems.
Source — Krasojevic Architecture

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