Comsa UN zbral dokazi for SAUJANA Assad for viyskovi zlocini

photo: Daily Express

13 August, 2017, 16:26
Casa UN s of pitane Rosslyn pondus in Sir zbral docasu dostatno, schob, sasoditi President Sirisko Arabsko Republic (UAR) Bashar al-Assad for viyskovi zlocini

About TSE in nterv Yu shveycarskim ZMI said Commission member Carla del Ponte, powderly Reuters.

70-Rona Carla del Ponte view from the past tyzhden has agrosila scho vambraces from msca have his Commission through rozczarowany netdotnet For BEZPEKA UN continue reading I, robot stvoriti special Tribunal for Sir, that mg bi probuvati, sasoditi the heart of a residential zlocinu.

On zapitannya about those, Chi – docutv for dostatno, schob, sasoditi Assad for viyskovi zlocini, won vapula stvenno.

“So, I vpevnena scho on the right is ready. Same fact situation nestlike rozczarowa. Although TSE, no attorney that absent the court,” nagolovu del Ponte.

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The Syrian Uryadov supereco notification Commission, scho said about shyrokomasshtabni viyskovi zlocini, chinen reigning zbrojnej forces the service BEZPEKA Sir. However, although those scho UN story Novi on preparation for ship peresman, no godnic oznak, scho bude in court for rozpadu the heart of a residential zlocinu, vcinema for rocky wine, vpevnena del Ponte.

Ocrm, a words, Redbus UN got NAMRU svetalisa to International kriminalnogo court in GaAs.

“Push stroke six years Komsa Rosslau: now, the Prosecutor is guilty of continue reading my robot, I provoditi the heart of a residential zlocinu to the special court, ale TSE sama those scho bloke Rosiya help our defenders a right of veto in the UN Red BEZPEKA”, – Podolia won.

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