China has built a giant ship to nabywania artificial Islands

For many years China has been actively creating artificial Islands in the South China sea, therefore, not surprising that in this country, was the largest ship in the world designed to nabywania sea sand – Tian kun Hao (“Creator of the magical Islands”).

It is a larger version of the existing vessels of this class. Its capacity is 6000 cubic meters of sand per hour, which is commensurate with the capacity of three standard pools.
Artificial Islands are created by nabywania huge masses of sand from the seabed. In this way, in particular, create a platform for military bases and airfields.

In the world artificial Islands, the most actively create China and the UAE. Well-known archipelago of palm Jumeirah off the coast of Dubai. Not far behind them, the United States, some European States and Australia, where 50% of the coastline are complemented with man-made structures.

Despite the undoubted attractiveness of the creation of “extra” land, the skeptics are not devoid of reason concerns its stability. So the aforementioned archipelago of palm Jumeirah decreased in comparison with 2011, when it was built. Express their grievances and environmentalists, pointing to the potential harm to local ecosystems, since, in their opinion, the artificial island is a new form of urban development.

And yet humanity is unlikely to abandon artificial sushi. Thanks to her, in the near future it will be possible to increase the area of agricultural land and housing, which is very important in connection with population growth. However, the uncontrolled construction can cause serious harm to the environment.

Alternative to artificial Islands can be floating and even underwater cities.

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