Cats prevent asthma in children – scientists

Cats prevent asthma in children – scientists

The presence of dogs in the house with this point of view does not affect people any impact


If the child lives a cat, the chances that the child will develop asthma, become much lower. It is reported by Popular mechanics.

Examining the data of 377 on the health of children of “risk group” according to asthma, experts have noticed that a variation of the TT-genotype responsible for the development of the disease, inactivated in the presence of cats. The presence of dog houses on the same genes does not affect.

According to lead author of the study Jacob Stokholm, it may be associated with feline fungi and bacteria and viruses that Pets bring home. The exact answer to the question of how cats affect human genes, scientists are yet.

“If we can explain these mechanisms, they can be used to prevent development of the disease,” said Stokholm.

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