Cat’s interests. Five of the most popular cats of our time

Cat’s interests. Five of the most popular cats of our time

Do not underestimate the role of cats in our lives. The more cats diplomats. The tradition officially employ the caudate is gaining momentum. Focus found five of the most popular cats of today. Four of them are real diplomats, among them one Ukrainian.


The Cat Ambassador

At the end of 2017, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has taken the diplomatic service cat named Ambassador. He was appointed to the position of Ambassador, defined the responsibilities. The Ambassador should represent the Ukrainian-cat’s interests in the international arena, to protect the country from rosarys and facilitate the access of Ukrainian milk on world markets. And to do this it will be absolutely free. So that the Ukrainian budget will not be affected.

Cats Naomi and Noah

The French foreign Ministry also did not stay aside and in December of 2017 took the service of two cats. Animals recruited after the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs located on the Quai d’orsay in Paris infested with rats. Cats was named after the Breton national hero — Nominee, ruled Brittany in 831-851.

Cat Larry

Since 2011, the London residence of the Prime Minister at Downing street, 10 cat Larry. He officially holds the post of public servant — chief Mouser in the UK and even has a license to kill. However, last year, Larry suspected that he can not cope with their responsibilities, tend to doze off at work, and catching the mouse, has a habit of playing with her, and then allows the prey to escape. There was even talk of the possible dismissal of striped, but it was only popular rumor.

Cat Palmerston

In the service of the foreign Ministry of the UK is the cat Palmerston, who lived on the street. The hungry, lean and without the microchip, a new employee of the British diplomatic corps picked up on a London street and was named after Lord Palmerston, the former foreign Minister and Prime Minister of great Britain. It should be noted that between the foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s cat is an open political confrontation: while Larry hentainiches, Palmerston catches mice, and regularly comes to the territory Larry.

Cat Maru

Cat named Maru from Japan is irrelevant to the civil service, but in its fame, will give odds to any official diplomat. Mara recognized as the most popular cat in the world and put it in the Guinness Book of records. Pet Scottish fold breed has become famous thanks to YouTube video channel Mugumogu, which was viewed more than 337 million times. In short, nine-year-old cat has become the most watched animals on YouTube.

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