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In the US, the student faces prison for theft caps with the slogan trump

Photo: screenshot of video A student from California Edith Macias may receive up to one year in prison. About it reports Fox News. The reason was the incident with the cap, which occurred on September 27. She took the hat with the campaign slogan of U.S. President Donald trump with his classmate Matthew Vitale. The […]

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In Saudi Arabia, almost all the princes bought their freedom

Illustrative photo: EPA Each of the detainees on formal suspicion of corruption, the Prince and businessman in Saudi Arabia have two options: either to sue or to pay the ransom to the budget and to avoid litigation. The vast majority of those arrested went on a deal. About this crown Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman al […]

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The case of tramp-RF: Flynn could cooperate with spectaculorum USA

Michael Flynn (photo – EPA) The lawyers of the former Advisor to Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn said the lawyers of the President of the United States that no longer will be able to discuss with them the progress of the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, which examines the possible intervention of Russia […]

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Lithuania made the list Magnitsky 44 people, mainly from Russia

Photo: iStock/Global Images Ukraine The Seimas of Lithuania on Thursday, 23 November, voted for the resolution on the introduction of 44 people in the so-called Magnitsky list, who are forbidden to visit the country. On it informs the Latvian edition Diena. The report said that 83 deputies voted for the resolution, not a single MP […]

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In the sea of Japan lit up the ship with a Russian crew

Screenshot: In the sea of Japan on fire the ship of Iman with a Russian crew on Board. This was announced by the head of the Maritime rescue coordination centre of Vladivostok Nikolay Pies, RIA Novosti reported. “The fire occurred this morning in the Central part of the sea of Japan. Iman went from […]

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The special operation in Tbilisi: the detainees was a citizen of the Russian Federation

Photo: EPA Detainees in the course of the antiterrorist operation in Tbilisi, November 22, was a citizen of Russia. This was reported to journalists on Thursday the lawyer of the detained Imeda Karkashadze, the Russian reports Interfax. Karkashadze said that the detainee wishes to remain incognito. “My client does not want his name disclosed. He […]

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The first bread in the world of cricket will start selling in Finland

Photo: In the Finnish bakery company Fazer today launches the first in the world of bread with insects. This was reported on the website of the company. The report said that each loaf contains 70 pet crickets that are ground into flour and 3% of the total weight of bread. “We made crispy batter […]

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The Russian foreign Ministry compared the US presence in Syria with the occupation

Maria Sharova (photo – EPA) The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia considers the presence of American troops in Syria is comparable with the occupation. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova during the briefing. “They (the States – ed.) are there against the will of the legitimate government […]

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In the area of the disappearance of the Argentine submarine explosion

Illustrative photo (EPA) The naval forces of Argentina said that near the place where last week disappeared to the Argentine submarine with 44 people on Board, was a blast. It is reported by the BBC. According to the report, the South Atlantic recorded “anomalous, single, short, destructive, non-nuclear event”. On Thursday, the helicopter, the US […]

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Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast ‘astonishing’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionUK set for long pay squeeze, says IFS director Paul Johnson The prediction that average UK earnings in 2022 could still be less than in 2008 is “astonishing”, according to an independent economic think tank. Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, added that the […]

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