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New cryptocurrency Kodak will help photographers to protect their copyright

The world leader in the photographic industry, Kodak announced the intention to create its own cryptocurrency. According to the authors ideas, KodakCoin will simplify the process of obtaining money photographers for the work performed, and will also help them to exercise control over the observance of copyright. Partner in the project company WENN Digital will […]

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Virgin Galactic successfully dispersed orbital glider transonic speed

Space company of Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic, has held the seventh test of its prototype passenger spacecraft. Model VSS Unity, which replaced the destroyed in the accident, 2014, VSS Enterprise, has made the most rapid and complex takedown in the history of the project. The prototype was flown as a glider, launched from the aircraft […]

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New electric scooter Ujet with orbital wheels are not desired axis

At CES in Las Vegas presented a new line of urban electric scooter Ujet. They are distinguished by their asymmetrical design, folding design and wheels of the orbital type with non-standard fasteners and transmission. The vehicle weighs only 43 kg, including the battery 49 kg, and is adapted to crowded cities. Asymmetrical design of the […]

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Display DeepFrame creates augmented reality without wearing special glasses

To experience augmented reality with today have to resort to special AR glasses. The Danish company Realfiction offered his version of access, augmented reality display DeepFrame presented in Las Vegas at CES-2018. It using “deceptive” optical effect moving objects look like they are in reality close to you. DeepFrame consists of 65-inch OLED display (4K […]

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This 360-degree videos that will allow your eyes to see the center of our galaxy

Humanity’s much quicker to see what is happening in different parts of the Universe than you get there. Recently NASA using immersive simulation looked into the center of the milky way, where there is a supermassive black hole, known as “alpha Sagittarius *”. They created a video with a three-dimensional view from the eye of […]

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Short Story Dispenser will help pass the time in queues

After a successful debut in France, edition Short Edition he carries his idea overseas, in the United States. The essence of the developed it device Dispenser Short Story in that it gives bored in queues people short literary works, so that they could spend the time more benefit and interest than his look to the […]

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In Cambridge has developed a super-efficient fuel cells from algae

Plants on planet Earth millions of years to convert water and sunlight into energy, which is used for their needs – scientists have something to learn from them. But sooner or later it’s time to move on, and researchers from Cambridge have developed a new design of fuel element based on algae. They focused on […]

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Boeing is developing a cargo drone weighing a third of a ton

As representatives of Boeing, the Corporation is actively working to create a cargo drone with vertical takeoff and landing with a lifting capacity of 225 kg. The new drone has eight rotors, which rotate in opposite directions. Its dimensions (length, width, height) 4.5 x 5.5 x 1.25 m, weight 340кг. It was designed and built […]

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Robots-Segway Nimbo go on patrol

Nimbo – robot patrol and one of the very interesting exhibits of the exhibition CES-2018. Its main feature – tracking and the selection of specific optimized routes. As it turned out, the Segway was in demand not only in entertainment but also in the field of security. Nimbo presented at CES 2018, in addition to […]

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Technology Smarterware will monitor the freshness of food in refrigerator

Modern Western civilization has many problems, but the authors of a startup Ovie drew attention to two specific: a careless attitude to food and a passion for digital technologies. While the person is fully absorbed in his smartphone, bought fresh produce into mold. Technology Smarterware these problems remain in the past. You buy products and […]

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