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Lockheed Martin is increasing the stamina of their scout drones

During recent tests of the drone Fury is Lockheed Martin stayed in the air for more than 12 hours. After it will be equipped with a new engine, the flight duration of the drone will increase to 15 hours. Fury was specifically designed for strategic support tactical units conduct reconnaissance and surveillance. Start the machine […]

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Tesla introduced its first electric truck Semi

Tesla Semi – the so-called prototype of the first truck on electricity Tesla. He was introduced Thursday in the hangar of the airfield with the KB company in the city of Hawthorne, California. According to its founder, Elon musk, addressed to the audience, the presentation of the long-awaited news he intends to “pull your mind […]

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The vaccine against cancer has just been put on the first patient

The company Moderna Therapeutics has launched a study of new methods of treatment of cancer directly in humans. The point of therapy is to teach each individual the body to recognize cancer cells as the enemy. And allow the immune system particular person to destroy the infection, or at least to facilitate the work of […]

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“Thor’s hammer” for a real professional

In the legend of the weapon, in a free interpretation of the writers of Marvel studios, has these words. “Whosoever holds the hammer if he is worthy – shall possess the power of Thor.” That is, the highlight is not in the subject, but the ability to use his strengths. Comedians engineers from ThinkGeek thought […]

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A Japanese scientist made a film about how the edit DNA in real time

CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced repeats shortpalindromic) is a unique organization of repetitive DNA sequences, which are an important part of the immune system of microorganisms (e.g., bacteria). CRISPR has the ability in the event of an attack of a viral infection to destroy its genome, thus preventing its spread. Using this process, scientists have developed […]

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The Dutch startup has begun creating outdoor furniture from recycled garbage

Statistically one resident of Amsterdam generates 23 kg of plastic waste per year. If you take the garbage from the three, you can recycle it by 3D printing to make the most of the universal Park bench. And this is only the beginning, the creators of the project “The New Raw”. The idea is very […]

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In Kenya running the largest experiment in the history of unconditional basic income

GiveDirectly is a charity that Fund direct cash transfers to poorest villages in East Africa since 2008 officially announced the launch of Kenya’s largest experiment on the organization of a “universal basic income”. In accordance with him, from November 13, 6,000 inhabitants 40 Kenyan villages will receive approximately 22.5 dollars a month for 12 years. […]

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Wings for trucks TruckWings to reduce wind resistance trailers

A year ago, the Trucking company XStream has received the first prize at the First Look West 2016 a prototype of the fairing GapGorilla for trailers. And today they are ready to release their offspring in the North American market. The one that is crowded with trucks-trucks for which you absolutely need a solution to […]

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The United States can obtain an efficient and space forces in three years

The prospects of the militarization of near space become more and more real. While wars are fought on land, sea and in the air, but tomorrow the main battle will unfold outside the earth’s atmosphere. The winner will receive all. The group, led by Lieutenant General, U.S. air force Steve Custom, says that for three […]

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Scientists first managed to improve people’s memory with neuroimplant

Research fellow, University of southern California, dawn song, made a report, which described progress on the development of a “neural code” and device for its application. The technology is tested on volunteers and could be the basis for the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists for the first time in the history understand how […]

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