Buddhists in Myanmar tried to burn the humanitarian aid for Muslims

Photo: EPA

The demonstrators-Buddhists in Myanmar have used Molotov cocktails to try to block the delivery of aid to the red cross to the Muslims in Rakhine state. It is reported Reuters.

According to the report, the incident happened yesterday, September 20.

Hundreds of protesters tried to stop the red cross workers, who loaded the boat humanitarian aid for Rohingya in Rakhine state, where previously started against Muslims of ethnic cleansing.

Buddhists hurled Molotov cocktails, after which about 200 police officers were forced to open fire in air to disperse the crowd.

Today the chief of Myanmar army has called on protesters to return home.

More than one million Muslim Rohingya live in Myanmar, in the Rakhine district. In a country where the majority of the population professes Buddhism, they are discriminated against for decades. Many of the Rohingya have no passports and are not considered citizens of the country.

In November, the UN representative in Asia, said that Myanmar has seen “ethnic cleansing” and human rights defenders, Human Rights Watch published satellite images of destroyed Rohingya villages for a couple of months, was burned about 1200 houses, schools and mosques.

September 9, the Myanmar authorities allowed the Red Cross to provide aid for displaced people from the Muslim community in the city of Muntau in the North of Rakhine state.

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