Budapest called the “knife in the back”, the Ukrainian law on education

Pavlo Klimkin and péter Szijjártó (photo – kormany.hu)

Despite yesterday’s conversation in Budapest with foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin about the new Ukrainian law on education, his Hungarian counterpart péter Szijjártó still insists on the “need” to make document edits due to “violations of the rights of ethnic Hungarians” in Transcarpathia. This reports the press service of the government of Hungary, referring to the statements Siyarto.

In his speech, the head of the Hungarian foreign Ministry called the adoption of the Ukrainian law “a knife in the back”, adding that Kiev allegedly did not appreciate the support of the Budapest ‘risky’ decisions in Ukraine. Szijjártó reminded Klimkin on gas supplies to Ukraine, assistance in the rehabilitation of dozens of Ukrainian soldiers, aid for children’s educational programs, and noted that Hungary is hardly the “louder than others” required to approve a visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

According to the head of the Hungarian foreign Ministry, his country and Ukraine “have different views on the law.” A foreign diplomat said that Transcarpathian Hungarians supposedly believe the same way.

Along with this, Szijjarto noted that the value of Klimkin’s visit to Budapest and the fact that Kiev “has chosen the path of dialogue in this extremely difficult time.” “I hope they won’t take the legislation in the form in which the document was presented,” concluded the Hungarian diplomat.

Klimkin after talks with Szijjarto noted that it was “difficult, but based on the arguments talk.” “There are differences, but the next – meeting of Ministers of education,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that “we are not closing the Hungarian school, and create opportunities for its students both in Ukraine and in Hungary.” In addition, the foreign Minister said that Kiev is not going to assimilate or deny the identity of the Hungarian minority.

Today Klimkin will visit Romania, where he also will explain the authorities of the country the position of Ukraine about the features of education in Ukraine.

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5 September 2017 Rada approved the reform of education. Under the new law, representatives of national minorities can receive education in their native language along with the state in preschool and elementary school, representatives of indigenous peoples in pre – school institutions and secondary schools. The next stages of learning provides the opportunity to study the language of the indigenous people or minorities as a separate subject.

Concerns about provisions of the law on education in minority languages at first expressed Romania, and after it Hungary. To abandon the innovations of Ukraine urgedthe President of Moldova , Igor Dodon, is known for his Pro-Russian rhetoric.

In the Ministry of education, meanwhile, arguethat the rule is consistent with the Constitution and the European Charter for regional or minority languages.

Szijjarto’s statement on the Hungarian language:

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