Britain came to cleaning the ocean of debris traps “Seabin”

Nobody likes to swim in dirty water, but even fewer people eager to begin personally to remove debris from the oceans. Two years ago Pete Zeglinski and Andrew Turton, Australian surfers, has offered the project a passive “trap” trash called “Seabin”. And now it’s time to triumph – they have entrusted to clean water near the base of the British yacht team Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing in Portsmouth.

Trap Seabin designed as a big bucket with holes that need to be deleted and removed from the water. The pressure difference in the immersion causes fluid floating in her litter to flow through the trap is relatively clean water goes, the dirt remains. Each unit can collect up to 1.5 kg of waste a day and accumulate up to 12 kg, if left to work for a long time.

Source of energy when working Seabin is the excitement of the sea, although it is possible to work with your hands, if you wish. It is assumed that the pontoon with dozens of traps will be cruising around the Bay, slowly and carefully cleaning it of debris. The basket is caught not only ubiquitous plastic, but in General anything that floats, including oil stains. For sea creatures the trap is not dangerous due to low speed of water flow.

Startup successfully got the required funding, Seabin passed all tests and is now installed at the place of permanent employment. In addition to Portsmouth are, for example, the port of Helsinki and the Spanish, Adriano. But if you want to join a good cause, be prepared for the expense – the price of one such trap starts from $4000. And still need to take care of the disposal of the caught debris.

Source — The Times

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