Artificial intelligence, he recorded his first musical album in the style of Black Metal

The album “Coditany of Timeness” is a joint project of musicians CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski who “helped” the neural network to write and Refine five separate compositions. The right to call them trusted computer – a combination of letters like “Timension” and “Wisdom Trippin” was generated after creating the final version of each tune.

Since the neural network is not able to generate content in a completely empty place, the musicians took the modification of the system SampleRNN and “fed” her the music from album “Diotima” real black metal band Krallice from new York. Methods of teaching were as follows: the original array of music lasting about an hour was cut into fragments of 8 seconds and loaded alternately in the neural network. Then she asked the initial chord to which the system tried to find a similar continuation, and the musicians appreciated the result.

The neural network has learned about 3 days, after going through more than 5 million combinations. Gradually from the wild cacophony of grotesque noises and the computer is moved to harmonious combinations. In some ways they resembled the original music, but from a formal point of view became entirely the result of “creative” AI. Now it is important to know how this music will take critics and fans of the genre.

Source — Dadabots

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