Andriy SHEVCHENKO: “Thank Lviv fans for such wonderful support”

Andrey Shevchenko. Photo: dynamo.kiev.ua

On Friday the national team of Ukraine held in Lviv a friendly match against Slovakia and has achieved this victory with the score 2:1. Your attention post-match press conference of head coach of Ukraine.

– How would you rate the debut Kalomoira? Who else of the forwards considering as candidates for the national team?

– Kalomoira I was satisfied. He has done a lot of work, completely fulfilled the game plan. The only thing he lacked is scoring the ball, but without it, I think, Kalomoira debut in the national team succeeded with what it and congratulations! Congratulations, first of all, for the desire which he showed today, and the amount of work done.

As for the second question, again, we follow all. In particular, for those players who already played in the national team of Ukraine. Some of them — age guys. For example, the same Seleznev and Milevsky. To study them I do not need both I already know. But to invite someone to the team just for the sake of it doesn’t make sense. Watching them, you know what to expect from them. If in their clubs they will continue in the same spirit, will continue to show good football, the road to the national team for them to open. But it is necessary to demonstrate at this level.

– What is your attitude towards the banner that the fans in the stands hung today?

– I don’t follow the banners and follow the team for the players. Grateful to the Lviv arena for such wonderful support. Tradition in this respect has not changed. So the team and won. And for banners, I do not follow and their content is not read.

– Judging by your emotion during the match, you didn’t like that the team in the second half, too often played over the goalkeeper?

Yeah, I was probably too emotional at some points. But when we win with a minimum score in these episodes need to play easier, there’s no point loading the goalkeeper. Moreover, the field for the second half was not very good quality, there are bumps, and the probability of error of the goalkeeper has increased dramatically. So asked the guys to play easier.

– Will remain the same whether the composition of the coaching staff of the national team of Ukraine?

– I already many times answered this question. I was given the time to form the coaching staff. I will talk with all his assistants. Must listen to all. Not only, by the way, coaches, and everyone in our team — coaches, physiotherapists and so on.

– How do you like the quality of the pitch of the Arena Lviv? The staff of the stadium were working on it until three o’clock in the morning…

– Thank the people who tried to help us, but this work should have been done a little earlier. In the first half, the lawn survived, but what happened to him after the break, I’m sure you’ve seen for yourself. There were bumps. Think over the state of the pitch could work better. But overall, we are satisfied.

– Rate the game Marlos new position.

– He had a good game, gave the scoring pass, fulfilled both in attack and in defense. Marlos has good qualities, and our task is to find for him the right position so that he effectively helped us. Marlos today had a good match as well, and the rest of the guys.

The next “window continent” for the international friendly match between will be in March. Is finding opponents for the national team of Ukraine on this date?

– Yes, of course. The task of finding opponents for friendlies I gave immediately after the end of the qualifying cycle for the 2018 world Cup. Today we had a match with good team. With such rivals would like to play in the future. Well, if our opponents are even stronger — all wonderful!

In March we will hold a friendly match. Let’s see which teams respond to play with us. I hope this will be a strong team.

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