Andrey SHAKHOV: “Now FFU openly supports Shakhtar

Andriy Pavelko. Photo: footclub.com.ua

Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Football” Andrey Shakhov says on his page in Facebook about how the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko demonstrates the principles of “equidistance” from all clubs.

Quote Andrei Pavelko from the website of the channel “Football: “Ukraine today is very important happy, and victorious emotions. Football is a part of every person, every family.

And it is through football we can bring about human happiness, which today is very valuable – through the victory of our team at the international level, winning the national team of Ukraine, which today is formed by the players of Shakhtar.

This gives you the opportunity to talk about football as a unifying component. We can see how Shakhtar his example United the country – in Lviv, in Kharkov, in Kiev, in Odessa on the super bowl. Shakhtar evenly love in every corner of our country people sincerely refer to his victories.”

1. Importantly, in the subject. Since the departure of our team, including the fault of the author of the quotation, until the publication of this less than two days. Agree, very time to talk about human happiness, which “is very valuable” and that brings football and the victories of our teams at the international level and especially the victories of the national team of Ukraine. How many are there? Five? And only four of them are over Finland and Kosovo!

2. “The basis of the team today, it is players of Shakhtar. The thesis is indisputable. But the output was: “the basis of the team did not solve the problem of qualifying for the world Cup, fair are the players of Shakhtar.

3. “We can see how Shakhtar his example United the country – in Lviv, Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa.” Shakhtar evenly love in every corner of our country.” And that we also see. We see that in Lviv “miner” and did not his and just ran out of there. See that last season in the matches of Shakhtar in the Ukrainian League, “arena Lviv” collected an average of 1771 persons, and the minimum level was 641. Heard that during the match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” arena Lviv is not “uniting the country club” supported.

4. And of course, the President of the FFU once again demonstrated the principle of fairness of the management of FFU from all clubs.

5. You know what I like most about it? That Pavelko is one of the few of our leaders who are fulfilling their campaign promises. He spoke about football in a new way- we received this. In my opinion, except the national team of Ukraine, no one had ever thought of the doctor at a press conference to invite. He spoke about the openness of the Federation. He did it openly supports Shakhtar.


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