And under the Christmas tree — Chewbacca. 7 gifts for Star wars

And under the Christmas tree — Chewbacca. 7 gifts for Star wars

Products based on Star wars — a storehouse of unusual Christmas gift ideas: for kids, for real fans, and just for people with sense of humor


In 2012, Director George Lucas sold his Lucasfilm company to Disney for an amount in excess of $4 billion, Along with Disney got the rights to major Lucasfilm franchise is “Indiana Jones” and, in fact, “Star wars.” As well as all related products: video games, toys and other licensed themed products. And it is a huge industry, bringing in more revenue than the movies themselves. According to the Association of manufacturers of licensed merchandising (Licensing Industry Merchandisers Assn), last year turnover of the global market for such goods (a topical product not only on grounds of THIS and other films) was estimated at $262 billion, compared To 2015, the growth amounted to 4.4%, and according to experts, the main impetus for this was given a way out of the previous two movies, THIS — “the force awakens” (2015) and the spin-off of “Outlaw-single” (2016). For example, in the United States and last year alone, according to market research NPD Group, it sold the official “star” products for $760 million, However, the Jedi, the stormtroopers and the droids hard earned, not only those who have had directly relevant: the global market for unlicensed goods in explanation, THIS one was not evaluated, but we can assume that the volumes are comparable. The system is simple: the more fans, the more products for them. And the products wide variety. How different — see for yourself.

Chronometer Kyle Wren

The company Nixon has released a line of hours at $125, the design of which refers to a particular character in the franchise. The most stylish model — chronometer “name” the main antagonist of the updated “Star wars” a pick Ren. Laconic black color and a bright red lightsaber is second hand — nothing more.

Droid BB-9E

This “evil twin” of Resistance droid BB-8, issued by the company Sphero to the output of the previous part of the franchise, “the force Awakening”. In the new film BB-9E is a droid astromehanik black, First owned by the order. In real life, the spaceship you are such a droid, alas, not fixed, but can everywhere for you to roll — just like his on-screen counterpart. In addition, the droid feature holographic simulation: it is possible to explore the “far-distant galaxy” “Star wars”. And yet, thanks to a special application, BB-9E can interact with other Sphero droids. By the way, buy them now with a discount: on the website of Sphero, the “old” BB-8 is now worth $99,9, while the new BB-9E — is $129.99.

The lamp — what’s the difference

Ukrainian brands are not among the official partners Disney and Lucasfilm, but that did not prevent them from also expressing love for POLLUTANTS in their products. For example, the workshop WoodPresent makes it through a 3D night lamp in the form of the death Star. The lamp consists of two parts — a wooden base with switch and removable acrylic pane and there is a small 500 UAH.

The Porgy. Whatever it is

“Porgy cute. You will not be able to resist their deep, soulful eyes” — so announced these new characters of the universe, THIS member of the Lucasfilm story group’s Pablo Hidalgo. Indeed, coming up with the Porgy, the artists were inspired by the extremely cute patterns, sea birds puffins. Prog, in fact, is birds: only not from Earth, and Ech-The — planet where you hid Luke Skywalker and the final of “the force awakens” found him ray. Whether in the film of Porgy any good — it is not yet clear. From real electronic Porgy exactly no sense, but of emotion — of the head. This plush joy of Hasbro umet’s funny to squeak and move. The children were happy and parents love the price: just $27 on Amazon. But if you want to please not the child, and the adult fan of STAR, on the website ThinkGeek you can find quite functional metal cufflinks with Porgy — for $49.99.

Sleeping bag-Chewbacca

“Get my way this walking hairy rug!” so disrespectfully spoke about Chewbacca Princess Leia in a New hope. And something similar is quite possible to hear in your address, if you sleep somewhere on the aisle in a sleeping bag-jumpsuit, developed by Selk’bag “in the image and likeness” of Chewbacca. However, the natural shaggy Wookiee here mimics print, and it’s not the best way affects heat capacities: calculated sleeping bag temperature just below +4 C. Is in the range of the brand also sleeping bags, a La Darth Vader, stormtrooper or pilot-rebel. But before they can help the whole family: children’s and adult sizes are $89 and $109 respectively.

Imperial ankle boots

Among the leading brands — partners of “Star wars” this time announced a brand designer shoes Christian Louboutin, but will look like “star louboutins”, is still unknown. But now alternatively you can buy Imperial ankle boots from democratic new York brand Rag & Bone.

Darth Vader made in Ukraine

Homage to the old “Star wars” and gives “the World stands” — domestic manufacturer of the office and “Souvenirs”. In its assortment you can find this Darth Vader in the “embroidery” for the 168 grn. In the design of these clocks used the work of the Ukrainian artist Andriy Yermolenko.

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