And Les Yuriy VERNYDUB: IN a registry office – on the third attempt

2017. Zaporozhye. In the family circle. Photo: facebook Lesya vernydub


Heroes of the traditional rubrics, who was born in “SE” seven years ago on Valentine’s Day, became the head coach of “Dawn” and his lovely wife.

In absentia they answered the same questions and talked a lot about his life, at the same time refreshing in the memory of the beginning of their love story.

– Do you remember under what circumstances did you meet?

Yuri Vernidub: – It was in high school in 1983. We Lesia studied in parallel classes she’s in, and I “G”. In absentia knew each other and got to know just for prom. Since then and started Dating.

Les Vernydub The man was in the sports class, and I’m normal. Visual was familiar a long time ago, but the meet really began with the exhaust.

– That gave on the first date?

Yuri: – Difficult to remember. Flowers definitely did not buy. Think gave spirits – a joint production of the USSR and France. And then there was another gift – a hair dryer… (Smiles).

Les– Yura gifts have always been a lot. And those Soviet-French perfume called “Dialogue”.

– Happened adventure during a romantic evening? Did, say, Yuri to protect Les from attack bullies?

Yuri: – There is nothing supernatural was not. I don’t like conflict, Les too. Fights were not – that’s for sure. But if such a situation arose, of course, had to give the bullies back. “Turn back” before the girl is no good. (Laughs.)

A romantic evening had been different. Les attended all the matches of the Zhytomyr “Spartacus”, which I at that time played. Came not alone but with a friend. I had a friend. After the game the four of us went to a cafe and we ate ice cream, talked. In those days night clubs were not, and we are to this format of the rest tried – I was seriously engaged in football and my girlfriend was just accepted into medical school.

Les: – What hooligans can be when I’m with that person! Yuri always tried to solve disputed issues peacefully. In 31 years of living together if there was adventure, only with the sign “plus”. But is it all just remember?


– How did the future wife to ensure that her choice – the player?

Yuri: – No accusations about the constant travel was not. Used. Although at the time in the second League matches alternated thus: three home, three away. When a whole week away left, bored, of course. Hope and Les too.

Les: – Absolutely smoothly and safely treated. I wasn’t looking to get married just for the player. First of all, I appreciate human qualities and attitude to me.

– Jealous of each other?

Yuri– It was business. By nature I am a jealous person. While not signed, was jealous. Was very jealous. Yes, and after his marriage a year or two too. Although tried not to show it, but deep down jealousy sat. Probably because you loved her. Felt, of course, that the wife was a little jealous. Then, when you’ve lived together for many years, it’s gone.

Les: – (Plangent.) Con-e-e-e-chno. Be jealous of could even to a tree. First, jealousy was with his hand, and then mine. (Smiles.)

– Who first suggested to go to the registry office?

Yuri: – (Laughs.) When he returned from the army, he did not give the first sentence. She didn’t say anything. Second time asked: “will you sign?”but again, Les gave no sign. After that, it was scary to talk about it for the third time. Think: suddenly say, and nothing happens?

But after some time Les suddenly asked me: “so, you ready for me to the register office to call?» (Smiles.) I answered that long ago. “Well then, go, take the passport and submit the application”.

Les: – Yes, George I did offer three times, but each time my side was the reaction, that is, by default. Then he was for some time quiet. Then I asked him: “Well, shall we marry or not?”Then asked why he was silent. And he said, “you never know, suddenly in plain text no.” So to apply we went to my feed.


– How much time has passed since the acquaintance to the wedding day?

Yuri: – More than three and a half years. We met in late June of 1983, and married 10 Jan 1987.

Les: – Almost four years.

– It’s hard to believe that the change of teams and frequent trips to matches and training camps not influenced relations…

Yuri: – Les I dekabristy. No problems on this occasion did not arise. Wherever I went, the wife was always treated with understanding. Not so often changed team, but when it happened, the wife followed me. That was when I went to play in Germany, this same thing happened during my departure to Saint Petersburg.

The only exception was once when I was playing in the “Ear”. In Nikopol I was alone as the wife was just finishing school in Zhitomir, then going to work in the regional hospital.

Les: – On the one hand relate to it very positively. Each meeting is a rush of emotions after a breakup with a loved one. When it constantly flickers before my eyes is one thing. But when you genuinely miss him and want to see him, this feeling is impossible to describe in words.

– How was the wedding?

Yuri: – Like all at that time – fun. Despite the fact that it was freezing cold and lots of snow, walked good. Thanks for that my parents and Lesja’s mother (father she had, he died in 1986 when I was in the army). A wedding celebrated in the restaurant “Smolensk” in the center of Zhitomir, on Mikhaylovskaya street. There were about a hundred people.

Les: – The wedding was relatively modest.


– Gave to each other?

Yuri: – Even though I got good money in “Spartacus” (salary and bonus was ran 240-260 rubles!), I bought everything yourself. I chose the suit, the Forest helped with the dress. At that time, the cost of a wedding reception in the restaurant was great. After the wedding we did honestly considering a gift of money, a thousand rubles was given to parents. (Smiles.)

Les: – The best gift – love and warm relations.

– How did you spend your honeymoon?

Yuri: – It really was not. The next day after the restaurant celebrated my parents lived in a private home. A day later I went with the “Ear” for the training camp in Yalta. Then lived with Lesia to her mom. As we say in Ukraine, “CCB at Primo”.

Les: – Honeymoon? On 10 January we got married and the 12th-Yura went to fees.

– What was the most precious gift from relatives?

Yuri: – My parents gave us a passbook, which was fifteen hundred to two thousand rubles. Fortunately, during the Pavlov reform, they have not disappeared: my wife – well, prudently spent. If there were something on the owner, penny.

Removing the money she bought fashionable at that time gold chain “wiring”. At the time it cost in the region of four and a half thousand.

Les: – The parents later gave a set of bedroom furniture. It happened when we had our own apartment. And before that I lived with my mother, and Yura played in Nikopol.


– Ate a peck of salt together?

Yuri: – Probably not the PUD, and as many as ten. I am grateful for what brought me to such a wonderful woman, beloved and only. The one that always with me in joy and in sorrow.

With Lesia, we split everything in half. Situations in life are different, however, it has never been a bad word. After many tests, we have even more to appreciate and love each other.

Les: – (Long thinking). Yeah!

– Tell us about the children…

Yuri The son is God’s gift to us. When it became known that in the position I wanted it son. Then there was an ultrasound to know in advance the sex of the baby. But that was how dream – born Vitali. He went in my footsteps – at the moment is a professional football player.

As for our second child, I wanted a girl. But God gave me a wonderful youngest son Nicholas. I am proud of my children they have me educated, smart and purposeful. They really love and appreciate.

Les: – To say that I love my children – it means nothing to say. The sons – my pride, my joy, my life. The senior, Vitaly, 30 years old, the youngest, Nicholas – 23. Children, like their father, are connected with football: he plays in “Gabala”, and nick works in the Ukrainian Premier League leading specialist of Department of international relations.


– Who came up with the names of the children?

Yuri: – The senior gave the name Lesya. She had a dream that she gave birth to a son, whom she calls: “Vitaliy!”With Junior, it was different: the name was given by the elder brother. Immediately said: “Nicholas”. In honor of both grandfathers.

Les: – Give a name for our Yura first-born, really helped sleep. But because the boy called younger brother Nicholas.

– Where is your home?

Yuri: – This concept implies the house where you were born. I, like my wife, a native of Zhitomir. In this city are our mother (my father died last year), relatives and friends – may God grant them health. This nest in which I grew up.

But it just so happened that at an early age because of the profession I left. And at the moment home consider Zaporozhye. In this town my family lives in 1989. By the way, my father is originally from the village Troyandy vilnyansk, Zaporizhia region. There are buried my grandparents, living relatives.

Les: – Home is where we live now. in zaporizhia.

– How often do you have disagreements with the second half?

Yuri: – Everything else in life, it’s family. I won’t hide, no petty arguments, no doubt. This is more my fault, often after unsuccessful matches. Appears my temper, because I’m a pretty emotional person. Without knowing it, unable to raise his voice. Then, of course, understand what is wrong – first I apologize to the couple.

Try to make peace, as in a state of quarrel can’t stay long. It is painful for me. Although I will note that lately, these moments almost never happens. The older we get, the more you become wiser and love each other.

Les– We practically do not quarrel. All the questions used to decide on the family Council. And not just me and Yuri involved in this and children. Each brings their arguments, and it helps to come to a common denominator.


– What are your tastes coincide completely?

Yuri The last time we love to travel together. If the opportunity arises, I try for two or three days somewhere to go, something new to look at. We are always pleased to be alone. If to speak about tastes, on some of the food I’m not picky. As Les cook, all happy to eat. Cook it very tasty!

The rest – all different. Lately I prefer to read the biographies of the famous coaches, the wife loves crossword puzzles. She’s a very erudite man. These words knows I’m already scared! (Laughs.)

As for housekeeping, we do it together. After he built a house, Les loves to care for flowers, and I – for lawn.

Les The food, for example, tastes the same. As for the art, in this my husband is the complete opposite. Take, for example, movie. Yura likes watching historical and war movies, I prefer detectives.

– What is love?

Yuri I think, it is such a powerful thing, the value of which fully begin to understand when to eat with a loved one the same bushel of salt. And when you realize that without this person you can’t imagine your future life. And without our children and grandson, in which the soul is not chayut. This is true love.

Les– When you Wake up in the morning and someone you love. You immediately feel inner comfort, confidence, security. This is love.


– How to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yuri: – (Laughs.) It’s hard to remember when that was. I’m always at the training camp and my favourite house. But every time Valentine’s Day will certainly congratulate each other on the phone.

Les: – I am currently in Zaporozhye, and the jury at the training camp in Turkey. This happens often, so congratulations to each other on the phone or text messages. But if husband is home in the morning he hurries to the plants. Fresh bouquet and a joint coffee at home with a loved one – what else can be better in a celebration of love?

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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