ACU began an online survey regarding the possible monopolization of the market of lotteries

KIEV. June 19. UNN. The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine initiated a study to determine the state of competition on the lottery market. About it reported in a press-service AMKU, reports UNN.

It is noted that the initiative to start the study due to numerous requests to the AMCU regarding the possible monopolization of the lottery market.

“The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine developed a draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of License conditions of implementation of economic activity on release and carrying out lotteries and establish the fee for the issuance of the license for implementation of economic activity on release and carrying out lotteries” (hereinafter – the draft CMU resolution).

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine was not agreed the draft resolution of CMU. By results of the conducted analysis it was established that the criteria for licensees (license applicants) in the draft resolution cannot be considered objective, while state-owned banks provides advantages in comparison with other licensees (licence applicants) in obtaining the license for implementation of economic activity on release and carrying out lotteries, can have a negative impact on the state of competition in the market. The same criteria to operators of state lotteries established in the Law of Ukraine “On state lotteries in Ukraine”, – stated in the message Department.

By 17 July 2017, the entities can send to the email address vap@amcu.gov.ua information that can be used by the Committee in the course of the study about the possible monopolization of the market of lotteries.

“All information received will be processed, checked and, if necessary, taken into account in determining the measures to be adopted according to the results of the research”, – stated in the message.

Recall that in may the Ministry of Finance published the draft licensing conditions for lottery operators. According to media reports and experts, new terms of Ministry of Finance create conditions for the monopolization of the market and legalize it gambling under the guise of lotteries. In the draft of licensing conditions there is no clear distinction between the Toto lottery, and bookmaking. And the latter refers to gambling and is forbidden in Ukraine.

A monopoly market the Ministry of Finance reserves close to the power company “UNL” (“national lottery”), which is associated with the people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Tretyakov.

As previously reported UNN, today the market of lotteries there are three companies: “UNL” (Ukrainian national lottery), “Patriot” and “M. S. L.” (molodsportloto).

However, “Patriot” and “M. S. L.” trying to remove from the market through sanctions, national security Council and licensing conditions developed by the Ministry of Finance. Against “M. S. L.” imposed sanctions on the basis of a letter 7 years ago the owner of the company George Lozhenko. Then “M. S. L.” suggested the Ministry of Finance project financing of Euro 2012, in which partner was the “Alfa-Bank”. The Bank never entered into the structure “M. S. L.”. The only financial relationship “M. S. L.” and “Alfa-Bank” is a conventional loan. Despite this, the state authorities regarded the letter as proof of “Russian trace” in the company’s activities.

Later, the SBU has abandoned its claims to the “M. S. L.”, but the main competitor “UNL” still left under the sanctions.

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