Acbi right stosowanej lachey MH17 Ukraine, classtwo bi Bulo vzhe completed, then – GPU

On July 17, 2017, 13:52
The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine vzhe completed b classtwo schodo bitogo MH17, acbi crash Bula nutrio ukraïnskoyu on the right

About TSE in er Еспресо.TV saying purshia patron of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Dmytro Storozhuk.

“Acbi TSE stosowanej lachey Ukraine, mi used zakonchili classtwo, Alya Ukraine sacculina in fact, dwellers of rozhled right Bulo zduchene evropeyskoy square Stancu dwellers visnovok I rsena on smitty MH17 Bulo prineto mineralnoy Stancu”, said Storozhuk.

Predstavnik GPU zaznaczyl scho robot sldi I wristw Hellmouth poltics factory.

“Sorry, Dani spraw jurisprudence that the right diodati on the other plan, the fact scho cutaneous s countries often . zarucnicki poltechnic process Seredin Yak, so I for Minardi are”, – added the patron of the attorney General.

Storozhuk todav scho data currently SBR materials and completed transfer of right to the court budesa likely, than pagacova please jurisdict slasti from Ukraine to Nederland.

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