A member of the party, Le Pen is staging this kidnapping for a date with lover

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A court in France sentenced to six months suspended imprisonment of an activist of the far-right national front party, which staged his own kidnapping in order to retire on a date with her lover. About it reports The Local.

It is reported that by the decision of the court of the city of Mende, 25-year-old Sandi Gaillard from the party of marine Le Pen must also pay a fine in the amount of 5800 USD and undergo psychological counseling.

The report said that the woman after her divorce from her husband, lives with a guy in a nearby town Ruether-de-Randon. To spend time with another man she sent my boyfriend a message on mobile that she was kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of the black car.

The man immediately called the police. Police and about 50 more days of military helicopters searched Gaillard, and it is 24 hours later she came home, saying that the kidnappers released her.

Due to a very quiet story, and some inconsistencies in her story, the police suspected the woman of lying, and after questioning she admitted that he had invented his own kidnapping.

On 9 November the Parliament in France was deprived of the leader of the party of national front marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity.

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