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12-th round



forward “Dynamo”, “Dnepr” and “Chernomorets” 1990-2000-ies






I think Shakhtar will win. The game is for the teams occupying first and third places in the table will be difficult. Today Vorskla looks well – organised, disciplined.

This is a fast paced team with effective flanks. But the individual skills of the miners to date above. If this can be implemented, “Vorskla” will be in difficulty. If Shakhtar score an early goal, the score will be devastating. If Poltava will be a long time to concede and play on the counterattack they have a chance.


The miners will be more difficult than at the start of the season in Poltava, where they are easily and naturally achieved a major victory – 3:0. The collections not only from our national team came back not in the best mental and physical condition. Fred, so had to fly across the ocean. It is not clear in what condition are Dentinho and Bohdan Butko, disqualified Bernard. However, the class is a class.



In recent matches Zorya is growing up, and the match with “Dinamo” – proof. In the game of Luhansk can be seen in figure, the point strengthen in the face of Karavaeva and Gromov has allowed her to balance. It is seen that “dawn” recently changed. As for the “Steel” that occurred the change of coach has shown that this team has prospects. This is evidenced by the game with “Veres”, which is reminiscent of modern football. Nikolay Kostov – follower high-speed attacking style that impressed me. Young kamenchane not willing to surrender, but “dawn” will win due to greater experience and skills.


Nikolay Kostov will debut as head coach for the fourth club of the Ukrainian Premier League. One would assume that his players on the emotions and on the veins will try to gnaw glasses. Here only “the Dawn” have nowhere to retreat, if he wants to get into the top six and play in Europe. The question is, in what form the engine of the team Alexander Karavaev, tagasi two consecutive difficult matches for the national team.



Team for today, class is almost the same. The game “Mariupol” differs somewhat from home. Within its walls is a powerful and aggressive team that spends a lot of time in attack. On the road “Mariupol” looks somewhat different. Saturday’s match will be two teams who are fighting for a place in the first “six”. It seems to me that it will be fixed fighting draw.


At the recent meeting of first League clubs will find a cut diamond. In the opening match of the championship, which rovenchane was getting on the bus, was recorded a goalless draw. Since then, Mariupol survived a change of coach, and probably the most stable part of the bag a draw with “Dinamo”. Would give preference to owners, but the home folk, the club has won just one win in five games. Plus non-football factors…



“Star”, you might say, were pressed to the wall and she had nowhere to retreat. This command does not show that football can play. Experiencing personnel upheavals, including the coach, “Karpaty” owes to their fans. Those require players only victory, and they certainly will strive in Kropyvnyts’ke. However, in games with middling “Star” in native walls it looks good. In this match, I foresee a draw, but some instinct tells me that Kropiwnicki team will win.


Both teams last won in the summer, and the calendar of the October games does not judge anything good either. The team of Kropivnitsky generally very difficult schedule until the end of the year. A draw won’t suit anyone, so maybe we can expect an open game. Although it wasn’t anything special now, coaches probably don’t feel very comfortable in their seats.



Recently, the “Alexandria” is not showing and a little bit of football, which was inherent in it earlier. After European fiasco with her something happened. The team clearly dominates the result and standings that prevents demonstrate a quality creative and attacking football. Play the bulls expressionless, with attempts and low moments. And when goals happen, it’s for their holiday. Another thing – “Olimpik”. This team is trying to play our game and playing conditions in the long-inherent high-speed and well-organized football. I foresee a bitter struggle, in which the Donetsk team will face massive opposition defence. Will be able to open her up. Predict a draw.


Hardly a lot of goals scored in the meeting of participants of the Europa League, and did not get to the group stage. In favor of “Marseille” says at least their, already has become quite the family field (and for some players it is), even on serious support from the stands to count and is not necessary. The Alexandrians lose almost strike out of the number of applicants for the top six.



The current “Chernomorets” is a mystery to me. Good the game was, the sailors are with Shakhtar, and then was a complete failure in the home match with “Vorskla” in Poltava which just dismantled them for parts. Predict the games of “Chernomorets” now seriously, although the arrival of the new team coaches must have impact. In the defense, which played several powerful giants, the Odessa good. But their attacking limps on both legs. There is only “Dynamo” and score for “Chernomorets” down the drain. This will allow guests to count on a win, I predict.


Difficult to predict match, although, of course, Dinamo is a clear favorite. But if the game does not go, then, whatever the result, Alexander Khatskevich will have reason to complain about imbalance of the physical condition of players, some of whom played a lot, others less, and others were treated, and the fourth was dealing with personal issues. Kiev residents have nowhere to retreat to Odessa it’s all about the staging of the games.

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