A feast for Savitsky, validol for butsenko (VIDEO)

Photo: hckremenchuk.com.ua

KREMENCHUG – WHITE LEOPARD – 7:6 (2:1, 1:2, 3:3, 1:0)

Goals: Chernyshenko (Kozachuk, Karpenko), 3:07 – 1:0. Shah (Szymanski, Nintendo), 16:28 – 2:0. Naydenov (Bondarenko, Senik), 19:06 – 2:1. Greckich (bol., Chernyshenko, Boykov), 20:36 – 3:1. Gercik (me., Kutsevich, Tabashnik), 26:24 – 3:2. Romashchenko (Bondarenko, Timchenko), 30:51 – 3:3. Timchenko (Gercik, Romashchenko), 40:25 – 3:4. Gentry (Logic, Senik), 41:30 – 3:5. Shah (Szymanski), 44:29 – 4:5. Strikers (Karpenko), 49:23 – 5:5. Strikers (Chernyshenko), 51:50 – 6:5. Timchenko (Gercik, Romashchenko), 58:21 – 6:6. Chernyshenko (Boykov, Combat), 62:34 – 7:6.

“Kremenchug”: He (Vlasenko, 40:25). Kozachuk – Rohan, Dies – Karpenko – Chernyshenko; Military – Gritskikh, Alexanyan-Petrovic – Krivoshapkin – Krasilnikov; Gorlushko – Sawicki, Nintendo – Shah – Szymanski; Kruchinin – Nalivaiko – Efimochkin.

“White Bars” (White Church): Krasnopolsky (Katula, 20:36). Tabachnik – Gercik, Bondarenko – Romashchenko – Pechersk; Jadlowski – Voronin, Foresters – Kutsevich – Timchenko; Gritsyuk – Logic, Durdyev – Gritsenko – Senic; Vasiliev Savchenko, Panov – Naydenov – Humeniuk.

11 Oct. Brovary. LA shopping center “Terminal”.

Before the game heads “Kremenchug” decided to return to the team 22-year-old striker Alexey Kostyuk. In the 2015/16 season he’s already defended the honor of the club from Poltava, and last season played in the “Generals.” In 40 games of the regular season, he scored 8 goals and gave 14 assists. In another two goals, he assisted in four games of the playoffs.

The match for both teams was very important, because apparently, someone from the pair will be “Donbass” in draw of gold medals. After all, the other competitors are significantly inferior to that of the Trinity in skill.

The rights of the owners, and “Kremenchug” continues to play home games in Kiev, the team of Aleksandr Savitsky immediately ran forward and succeeded. On itake defenders lost sight of Dmitry Chernyshenko, who in the confusion managed to push the puck into the goal – 0:1.

In the starting period “Kremenchug” looked more active and purposeful. He attacked more often, and scored more. The players are the “White Bars” looked inert, often they simply could not keep up with fast movements of rivals so removal was one thing after another. However, “Cramming”, which as part of the implementation of the majority in the country is not in the starting period the opponents were forgiven. Although the second goal before the first break threw. The second time defenders of the “White Bars” played bad near the gate that allowed Egor Shah without interference to score the second goal. And then suddenly distinguished “White bars”. When the players thoughts were already in the locker room, from behind the goal Ilya Senik threw a penny, and there Alexander Naidenov perfectly snapped to 1:2. At the end of the period bilotserkivtsi got a double delete, which is already paid in the second frame.

Having on two players more, “Kremenchug” from the start began to attack and succeeded. From the blue line, shoot powerfully Vladislav Greckich and the puck, hitting on the way some of the players flew into the goal – 1:3. Yuri Krasnopolskoe it was difficult to react, because in front of him loomed forward of the rivals. However, after this missed goals in the gate “the White leopard” stood 17-year-old Alexander Cacula. Conceding in the minority wards of Konstantin butsenko continued to play beyond the rules, and soon the team was again in a very difficult position, when the three of us had to fend off five opponents. But, as it often happens in hockey, throw you in the minority. “White bars” and abandoned. It happened in the format of 4 by 3. Vladislav Garzik raced right edge and irresistible clicked – 2:3. This washer balm turned to belotserkovtseva. They started playing faster, come attacks and throws. As a result – 3:3. Beautifully scored by Ruslan Romashchenko. After touring behind the “Kremenchug”, he jumped on a Nickel and thrown into the unprotected corner.

The scoring on this show is not over. The audience, which by our standards it’s an this game a lot and didn’t get bored. Already at the start of the third period, “White bars” for the first time in the match went ahead. Evgeny Timchenko from the right side exactly the shot in the far corner – 3:4. It was only a minute, as bilotserkivtsi has made a significant bid for victory. “White bars” had a prolonged attack, Ilya Senik from the right side and passed to the penny where in the fight with the defenders of Ivan Panov irresistible threw – 3:5.

Immediately Sawicki is Nikita, He released Vitaly Vlasenko. Conceding two goals, “Kremenchug” not stopped playing, and ran to attack. Near the gate the defenders belotserkovtseva left unattended Shah, who without interference tossed into the near corner. And in the middle of the period “Kremenchug” and did everything again, turned on its side. Two goals in a row scored by Anton Boykov – 6:5. But that’s not all. At the last minute individually wonderfully played by Timchenko. At speed on the right side he beat a defender, drove to the slot and skillfully pushed past the startled Vlasenko – 6:6!

The fate of the match, the opponents decided in overtime. In my area bikes gave Chernyshenko, and the one having the pad rolled to the gate, “White Bars” in the fight against the defender and the goalkeeper managed to throw – 7:6.

Well, it’s another match that no doubt graced this championship. I believe that the next match of these teams, which will be held today, will be as exciting.


Konstantin BUTSENKO, head coach of the “White Bars”:

– I really liked this match. It was interesting, and very cool for the fans. Both teams tried, both wanted to win, but the strongest is always someone one. Scored a lot of goals for it and I love hockey. But such games are thrilling for the coaches.

Alexander SAVITSKY, head coach of “Kremenchug”:

– This matches only decorate UHL. The guys showed character. Unfortunately, after a good first period, we played badly in the second. We always remind our players that need to play has been carefully, but young people still make mistakes. While our children can’t play more pragmatic, on the result, but thanks to them for character. Every workout we coach the game 3 3 and it brought the result in overtime.

Vladimir KOTSUR, Sport-Express in Ukraine


GALICIAN LIONS – DYNAMO – 2:4 (1:0, 0:0, 1:4)

Goals: The Janitor (Bbw, Chobanian), 12:32 – 1:0. Oleinik (Attic), 44:54 – 1:1. Maksimenko (bol., Poddubny), 48:10 – 1:2. Poddubny (me., Maksimenko), 54:00 – 1:3. Bbw (bol., Murtishaw, Generals), 58:20 – 2:3. The Attic (Poddubny), 59:28 – 2:4.

Goalkeepers: Dorosh – Gurko.

12 Oct. Novoyavorivs’k. The ice arena.

DONBASS – WOLVES – 9:0 (5:0, 1:0, 3:0)

Goals: Novikov (Kuzmik), 10:39 – 1:0. Alexandrov (Zakharov, Savchenko), 12:32 – 2:0/ Lalka (Zakharov, Alexander), 15:58 – 3:0. Ignatenko (Svishchev), 16:18 – 4:0. Lalka (Zakharov, Savchenko), 18:42 – 5:0. Novikov (Kuzmik), 23:20 – 6:0. Lalka (bol., Zakharov, Ignatenko), 48:39 – 7:0. Bridge (Crow), 53:01 – 8:0. Zakharov (Lalka), 54:46 – 9:0.

Goalkeepers: Dyachenko – Gordyushin.

12 Oct. Druzhkivka. “Altair”.


1. Donbass 10 10 0 0 0 64-16 30

2. White Leopard 10 7 0 1 2 22 58-25

3. Kremenchug 9 5 1 0 3 17 43-34

4. Dynamo 9 4 0 0 5 12 42-37

5. Galician Lions 10 2 0 0 8 6 20-43

6. Wolves 10 0 0 0 10 0 14-86

11th tour, October 13: White leopard – Kremenchug. October 14: the Donbass – Wolves, Lions Galician – Dynamo.

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