A closed circular-motion. The fools will do it. To invest in a b road

A closed circular-motion. The fools will do it. To invest in a b road

Why the Ukrainian authorities do not get it, what happened with the Austro-Hungarian


In Chernivtsi region there is a small town of Putyla. Its old steep streets like the rushing mountain streams that run down into the valley of the river Suceava, one of the tributaries of the Cheremosh river. In Suceava is the Ukrainian-Romanian border, and the houses of the citizens often stand close to the barbed wire. Romania is well seen from almost any point of the city: just like in Ukraine, spikes on there slopes of grass, as well carefully stacked in ricks of hay.

Yes, but to get to Romania is not easy: from Sochi to the nearest crossing more than a hundred kilometers. And the nearest civilization — town of Vyzhnytsia — about 70 km away But the road is so bad that to walk on it, if you cherish the car, has no less than two to three hours. Under Mariupol I once had a chance to go on the road, bruised with craters from mortar attacks. So, that the road was in much better condition than the track Vyzhnytsya — Putyla, in which no shots were fired, at least during the last seventy years.

When Austria-Hungary from Sochi went to Vienna with a passenger train intermediate car, which went to Paris. At the time Seliatyn was the forest capital of the Empire: hence Carpathian forest were transported to all corners of Europe. In the USSR the railroad was dismantled, and the city, located almost in the center of Europe, has withered. There is no work, and all able-bodied citizens on overseas earnings.

In fact, Sochi you can earn except that smuggling and poaching, chopping down protected forest. However, one of the locals told me that now even the poachers little work: most timber exported, leaving only the young.

In two-thousand years from Vyzhnytsia to the village of Putyla, located halfway to the Sochi, handed a brand new track. It was not built where the old Austrian road, and below. The new road was fine, but the designers did not take into account local specifics: in 2008, Cheremosh, razlicici, almost completely washed away the newly laid asphalt. Again the road is not built. Everything is complicated by the fact that it passes through the territory of two regions — Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi, therefore, must be built together, and that in itself is not easy. Who needs the extra complexity?..

“The road near Mariupol, dotted with craters from mortar attacks were in much better condition than the track Vyzhnytsya — Putyla, in which no shots were fired during the last seventy years”

But if the road was restored, it would be possible to open a checkpoint on the border with Romania. Then the way to Western Ukraine for European goods would have been much shorter, and using Seliatyn could go caravans of trucks. Moreover, the Romanians have long made their part of the road, but the Ukrainians didn’t build it in a hurry. The last ten years talking about it almost every hut from Sochi to Vyzhnytsia.

While things are there, Putilskiy the area remains a blank area of Ukraine, the end of geography. There is almost no tourists, no hotels, no business. Who needs these remote mountains without roads? Except that the fans travel on the road, regularly appearing here on the huge pickup trucks, which are loaded with ATVs. But if the roads are built, tourists would be many times more. Along with the tourists would come and business would be quickened transportation. In the meantime, the owners of passenger routes reduce the number of flights to a minimum, so as not to kill their buses. On the highway Seliatyn — Vyzhnytsya without problems only way a multi-ton trucks, destroying the remnants of the road.

During the Austro-Hungarian basic public investment in Galicia and Bukovina was spent on the construction of roads. Many of them still call “tsarskie”. Built roads so that the Emperor himself or members of his family were not ashamed to drive on them. For example, the current route of regional significance Chernivtsi — Kosiv built in 1847 specifically for the mother of the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Franz Joseph — Mary, who wishes to visit this region. As for the Emperor himself built a road from Vienna to Chernivtsi, which are partially preserved to the present day.

Traffic is a problem not only in the Carpathians. Almost in every region of Ukraine there are villages which are difficult to reach. Once famous all over Europe cities and towns waste away, losing development opportunities just because of lack of roads. And if not them, there is no business and, consequently, money. A closed circular-motion…

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