A boy with a rare congenital disease of the transplanted genetically modified skin

Seven-year-old boy who was struck 80% of the skin in the result of epidermolysis bullosa, physicians Ruhr University Bochum has conducted an experimental treatment, replacing the epidermis of genetically modified skin. Epidermolysis bullosa – a severe, incurable disease in which the skin becomes extremely fragile and vulnerable. Any touch causes the patient excruciating pain.

In June 2015 the boy was hospitalized with a lesion of 60% of the skin. He had sepsis, high fever and the doctors could do nothing to help him. The only way of salvation – a new experimental therapy.

First, the researchers took a biopsy of the skin of the patient to obtain epidermal stem cells. To correct the existing mutation is the cause of the disease, they were subjected to genetic modification, resulting in modified stem cells became transgenic skin grafts.

In October he was made the first transplant in which the boy was much better, followed by several more transplants throughout the body. Only managed to recover 80% of the skin of the child.

In February 2016 operations were executed. Doctors say the successful formation of a new epidermis, healthy skin and even the appearance of hairline.

This is the first case of such massive transplantation of transgenic skin, which led to positive results. Now we can justifiably talk about a unique method of healing previously incurable severe disease.
Source — Ruhr-Universität Bochum

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